W e are grateful for the voluntary contributions and entrepreneurial efforts that have sustained our organizational and programmatic growth.  Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped with financial and other assistance that supports Proutist Universal's efforts. With your partnership and your kind contributions, successful promotion of the PROUT philosophy and service programs have been possible and will continue with greater effectiveness and speed.

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  • Proutist Universal is recognized by the United States of America Internal Revenue Code as a Not-For-Profit (tax exempt) Corporation under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Donations from US residents may be exempt of local, state and federal taxes.  
  • If you wish to contribute to a specific Proutist Universal office, project, sector, program or activity, please memo this carefully with your donation.  This will ensure that your contribution will be properly directed.
S ending a contribution via postal mail:
Send a postal money order, or a cheque in US Funds drawn on a US bank to ---
Proutist Universal
2005 Wheaton Haven Court
Silver Spring, MD 20902 USA 
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If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding support for Proutist Universal and its activities please contact donations@prout.org .

If you do not wish to support Proutist Universal in this manner please consider a contribution of time or resources directly to one or more of the Offices and Centers listed on the Proutist Universal Organization page .

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